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Which Instagram Hashtags get the most likes in 2020?

Which Instagram #hashtags gets the most likes?

An ultimate guide for 2020

If you want to know which Instagram #hashtags to use in 2020 to get the most likes and follows, then look no further. In this quick and easy guide, we list the BEST Instagram hashtag resources out there!

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What are the most popular hashtags for 2020?

The top 25 most popular Instagram hashtags according to Influencer Marketing hub are as follows:

#love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #tbt #like4like #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #selfie #summer #art #instadaily #friends #repost #nature #girl #fun #style #smile #food

Guess what they even have this FREE tool that you can use to check the popularity of any #hashtag.

Which Instagram Hashtags should you be using to increase your post’s reach and engagement?

Research your target audience

Most experts out there say that you need not use the most popular hashtags, as that may not result in getting you in front of the target audience that you want to attract. Better strategy is to do a proper research to find what hashtags would serve your target audience’s needs. What might they be searching for? Create content that addresses your tribe’s pain points and then use hashtags to help them find the content that can solve that pain point for them.

Know what your competitors are doing.

The other factor to consider in a strategic use of Instagram hashtags is to research your competitors. A smart way would be for you to see what some of the biggies in your specific business segment are using. They probably have spent lots of money on doing research on finding the right hashtags that get the most engagement! You can be smart by leveraging on their strategy and simply emulate them. We are not recommending that you copy them blindly. Instead use them to find out what kind of content gets maximum traction and then carve your content to meet the needs of your target audience following some of the cues and ideas you will pick from them.

Know what the top influencers are doing.

It would serve you well to look at what some of the top influencers are doing in terms of hashtag and content strategy. They have millions of followers because they know what works on these platforms. They earn a living from being an influencer, so their lives depend on getting maximum traction for the content they post for the brands who pay them!  Look for the influencers in your business niche or category to find out what kind of content and #hashtags are working for them.

Use the tools to do hashtag research

There are many awesome tools out there that you can use to do your hashtag research. We give you a list of our top ten Instagram Hashtag Research tools. These are listed and explained not in any order of preference. We give you a gist of what each tool can do and how is it unique. Take a pick based on what works best for your specific business needs.

Here are the top 10 tools that you can use to do Instagram hashtag research.

  1. helps you find the best #hashtags based on a hashtag keyword you type in their search bar. Enter your hashtag and it will tell you the best-related hashtags to use for your post.

    Instagram Hashtag Research Tool
  2. Hashtags for Likes is a great tool that lets you generate Instagram hashtags for your business’ social media accounts. This tool is easy to navigate, and you’ll be able to source the best Instagram hashtags that are related to your online business in no time.

    Hashtags for likes
  3. TagBlender: lets you use hashtag blends from different related categories that might be relevant to your post. In their own words, Tag Blender offers similar blocks of tags, handpicked one by one, but also allows you to take only 10 tags from each category. That way you can get the top tags from each category creating a powerful block of Instagram tags that is not only popular and relevant buy also fits your image 100%.

    Tag Blender IG hashtag tool
  4. All Hashtags: allows you to search for a hashtag and generates lots of hashtags in four different categories-popular, live, random and similar hashtags.

    All Hashtags
  5. Seekmetrics: is a powerful tool that uses the Instagram API to find the related hashtags. To use the hashtag generator, you simply must type in a hashtag and click on “generate”. You’ll then be offered all the similar hashtags related to the one you entered. Up to 100 hashtags suggestions per search on the FREE tool and up to 1000 hashtags suggestions per search on the paid version.

  6. Keyhole is the #1 hashtag analytics tool out there if you can use the paid version starting at $ 99 per month. It gives you a lot of information about each specific hashtag, including how many users added it to their posts, the reach of the hashtag, and the impressions it receives. It even gives advanced sentiment analytics for hashtags and posts.

  7. is another powerful hashtag analytics tool that gives comprehensive inputs on any hashtag. It is more tuned for Twitter hashtags. In the hashtag world it does not matter which platform, any platform recognizes the keywords if it has a # symbol added to it. So, go ahead and use it even for Instagram hashtag research.

    Hashtagify me
  8. RiteTag is a tool that helps to suggest hashtags automatically based on your post text or image, in real-time and instantly! Ritetag also offers integration to a handful of social media management tools and which you can use to get suggestions while creating posts within them.

  9. is a cool tool that lets you search for top hashtags for a specific category. So let’s say you want to find the top hashtags for makeup, you simply type ‘makeup’ in the search bar and the tool serves up hashtag suggestions that are the top hashtags, plus related hashtags as well.

  10. is another similar tool that lists popular hashtags for a specific category. You can simply copy and paste them into your post.


Now you know how to find out the top hashtags, you have also learned how to conduct proper research on the relevant hashtags to use for your specific business niche. You know which the top tools are to use to conduct your research! What are you waiting for? Go ahead, use them strategically and grow your business through this incredible channel of Instagram which already boasts of 1 billion monthly active users on its platform. You are sure to discover your tribe there!

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