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Samina Malik Makeup and Image Design

Samina Malik Makeup and Image Design

How we helped Samina Malik Makeup and Image Design to gain awareness, traction, and conversions for her #tellher Event?

See How we helped Samina Malik to gain conversions for her event through a highly engaging and personalized marketing campaign using the innovative ‘chat marketing’ channel.

Client Brief

She reached out to us to help spread awareness about Samina Malik Makeup and Image Design Brand amongst her target audience and more importantly get them to purchase her special curated paid event called #tellher.

Our Solution

We advised her on strategies to maximize reach, engagement, and conversion via social media marketing. We educated and introduced the client to the innovative and newest marketing methods like Facebook Messenger Chatbots for a more intimate and conversational connection and relationship building with her target audience. We took a data-driven approach by helping to set up Facebook Pixel Tracking and helped her create engaging campaigns on Facebook, running and managing her campaigns to attract and convert.


Key Highlights

#tellher event sold out within the first 2 weeks of launch on social media channels. 146 leads and subscribers generated through Facebook Messenger Chatbot set up and growth tool campaigns using ManyChat platform within first few weeks. S$ 2.79K revenue generated during the period (Dec 2017 -March 2018) which I worked on social media marketing for Client. 37K engagements achieved through a single campaign based on sharp targeting on Facebook with ad spend of just $5.00


Client Testimonial

Anjuli is fun, hard working and she understands the client’s needs. She is a problem solver. She is very well versed in digital platforms and is able to take over her clients current forms of communication turning it into a more reachable and efficient avenue for their customers or following. I recommend Anjuli for any digital services she has to offer as I have seen her work and she does it all with a smile on her face .
Samina Malik
Samina Malik Makeup & Image Design