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How We Helped Izaara to Re-Design their Website for Better User Experience and to Rank on Google Search Engine position no 1 and 2 for optimized keywords through On Page SEO

Learn how we helped our client Izaara to redesign their entire website for a better user experience and ease of navigation plus through our SEO efforts, to rank on Google position no 1 for chosen keywords.

Client Brief

Client approached us with a challenge that her current website was disorganized, and people could not find the relevant information easily. This was impacting her brand and business. The Website also did not reflect her brand personality and did not showcase the decade worth of her work and achievements to the best advantage to attract leads and clients for her business.

Our Solution

We did a deep dig session to understand the Client’s Brand Persona to tailor her website to reflect her image in an authentic fashion. We also helped her to narrow down her focus on what are the key objectives that she would like to achieve through her website and what are her key unique service propositions that her clients could benefit from. We narrowed down to 4 sharply focused categories and then re-organized her entire work portfolio, which was haphazardly strewn around from past 10 years of her work and achievements, into 4 easy to navigate relevant categories. We color coded the categories for easy navigation and added striking call to action buttons to encourage users to browse and discover her services, her work portfolio, and her value proposition.

We also did relevant keyword research to identify the right keywords that her business should be discovered for on Google Search engine and did on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help her rank in Google.

We optimized her website images and videos for better loading speed and over all user experience.

Page Speed Before


Page Speed After

Key Highlights

An easier to Navigate Website with enhanced User experience and one that reflects her ‘true’ and ‘authentic’ Brand Persona. Her Website is ranking above 2.23 million search results for the keywords optimized at position no 1 for selected keywords. Her Website was optimized for better speed.


– Google Ranking for Multi Ethnic Theatre Singapore – Page 1, Position No 1 and No 2

– Google Ranking for Singapore Boutique Sports Events – Page 1, Position No 2

– Google Ranking for Fashion Choreography Events Singapore – Page 1, Position No. 2 & 3

Client Testimonial

IZAARA and me are delighted and appreciative to be associated with Anjuli .My website re-created by her captures all the essence and pizazz and that indomitable spark that is Me . Her efforts to understand me , my needs and actually translate them into a dynamic and vibrant website that encapsulated all my work are indeed commendable. Her amazing creativity and spark all reflect in IZAARA’s new website . She goes beyond the regular as she strives to achieve perfection. I look forward to working with this talent and creativity going forward and would recommend her to anyone looking for a bold online presence. Thank you
Monisha Charan