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Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

How we helped Gayathri Menon Generate 500+ leads during the Covid19 Circuit Breaker period organically

See how we generated 500+ high quality leads for our client within a span of a month with minimal ad spend through personalized engaging content and Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Lead Funnel.

Client Brief

Client was facing the challenge of a setback to her business due to the global pandemic and a circuit breaker situation in Singapore, which involved physical make up appointments which the client would deliver in person. That was not possible to do during the pandemic and CB situation.

Our Solution

We advised client to pivot her strategy from selling physically to move to an online model and focus on building a deeper connection with her target audience in a personalized way using online channels. Do not Sell, we advised her, instead, build good will and deepen your relationship and nurture your leads to increase the Know Like and Trust factor.

We designed campaigns via lead magnets such as FREE Makeup Tutorials that would benefit her target audience and helped her to get set up with Zoom Sessions and Facebook Live. We also created the backend Facebook Messenger Chat based lead funnel using ManyChat to collect leads data and gain subscribers to her Messenger Bot and automatically add them to her Email List and Facebook Custom Audience for future nurturing and re-targeting.


Key Highlights

Within a span of a month, we were able to generate 500+ leads for our client with less than S$80 ad spend. Her Sessions and Workshops have been a major hit with her Target Audience and her subscriber data base increased by 146%or 2.5X increaseand her email list increased by 491 during this challenging period of last one and half month. Her email list during the last year of working with us has increased from 757 to 3160 which is a 4X increasein high quality leads. This is the kind of engagement generated for the campaigns as a bonus to the leads collected without spending any AD Dollars.


Client Testimonial

I have been working with Anjuli for last few months and I can say with confidence that she has strong technical knowledge about all things digital marketing. She genuinely wants to see you succeed and brings the passion and drive to get results for your business as if she owns it herself. She supported me with trying innovative and newer channels such as Facebook Messenger Marketing Chatbot to reach out to my target customers, and build a significant database of qualified leads in a very short span of time, and the best part is that it was all automatically integrated with my website, email and other social media channels. You can trust her deep tech and digital marketing skills to boost your online branding and marketing efforts. I wish her lots of success! And hope to continue working with her.
Gayathri Menon
Gayathri Menon Make-Up and Styling