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How to use Instagram Name Tag feature?

How to use Instagram Name Tag Feature and make it easy for your tribe to find you and follow you On Instagram?

I will cover the following aspects of Instagram Nametag feature:

  • Why use Instagram Name Tag feature?
  • How to create your own Instagram Name Tag?
  • How to scan other’s IG name tags and follow them?
  • Creative ways of using IG Name Tag to promote your brand’s outreach and build your tribe.

Why use Instagram Name Tag feature?

  • The biggest challenge to get people to spell your name correctly or use special characters in your IG handle.
  • It allows users to quickly scan your code without having to add or type any information
  • People immediately have the option to view your profile or follow you.
Instagram Nametag for @anjuligo
How to use Instagram Nametag features

How to create your own Instagram Nametag?

Please watch the video shared above to learn how to create your own Instagram Nametag. You can even listen to it on a podcast while enjoying your morning walk.

How to scan other’s IG name tags and follow them?

Please watch the video to learn how to scan other’s Instagram nametags to find and follow them on Instagram.

Creative ways of using IG Name Tag to promote your brand’s outreach and build your tribe.

At An Event.

Print your Instagram Name Tag and place it at a prominent location on your booth in the event you are participating!

Instagram Name Tag at event booth
How brands can use Instagram Name Tags at events and expos.

At Networking Events.

Use your IG Name Tag during your introductory chats and ask people to simply scan your Name Tag to follow you!

You can even make it your mobile phone’s lock screen image! That a secret hack that I

use when I go to events! It’s frictionless and super easy!

At your Store or Shop.

Print and place it at a prominent location in your store or shop. Your visitors can easily follow you on Instagram by simply scanning the Name Tag Code with their mobile!

Don’t forget to give instructions on how to!

Instagram Nametag via stories
Use Instagram Stories to show your Instagram Nametag
Use Instagram Name Tag at an event
Use of Instagram Name Tag at shops and stores

Get Creative with your Instagram Nametag.

How about a birthday cake on your next business anniversary to have your Instagram nametag as the icing on your cake? All your invitees can simply scan the code to follow you and enjoy the cake afterward! A nice give and take I say!!

Cross-promote your nametag in various channels.

Now that you have created your nametag, it makes sense to give it wide exposure to reach the maximum number of folks hanging out on various social media channels. So go ahead and cross-promote your Instagram Nametag on all other channels such as your own website, your email signature, newsletter, blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

See below how this company is using their IG name tag as an exit pop-up on their website. Just before a person is about to exit, a pop up appears asking the user to scan the code and follow them on Instagram before exiting the website!

Instagram Name Tag as an exit pop up on website
Instagram Nametag as an exit pop-up on a website

Now there you have it! Go ahead and take full advantage of this cool feature! If you are interested in learning how to grow your Instagram following and influence, be sure to check out this post on Top Ten Tips guaranteed to help you grow your Instagram Following.

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