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How to train the Instagram Algorithm to show you more content you care about

How to train the Instagram Algorithm to show you content you care about in your feed

While it may sometimes seem like what shows up in your feed is random, it’s actually not. There’s a method to Instagram’s madness, and it’s called ‘the algorithm.’  Instagram actually really wants to show you content from your friends, family and other accounts you like. Sometimes, it just needs a bit of an extra helping hand getting there! So if you want to train the Instagram algorithm to show you content that you really care about in your feed, you can do it. Wanna know how?

Check your following categories 

Instagram knows who are your friends and whose content might be of interest to you based on your interaction with their content among other factors. So you can help the algorithm by letting it know who are the folks you want to see more content from by engaging with their content. Click on the ‘following’ count on your profile. Under the search bar, you will find your ‘least interacted with’ and ‘most shown on feed categories.’ If the ‘least interacted with’ list contains people you care about, it might be time to engage with them a little more so they pop up on your feed more often.

Instagram How to check your folllower and following categories
Instagram How to check your folllower and following categories

Show some love to signal to Instagram algorithm

This might sound simple but when you like a post, don’t just think to yourself “Wow! I like that post.” Be sure to actually give it the ol’ love heart double-tap! If you can, comment on it and save it too! This will signal to Instagram that you’re a fan of that user’s content, so they will continue to show you more of the same.

Think beyond the feed to train Instagram

It’s not just the people you follow and the posts you like that determines what you see on your feed. There are a range of different factors involved, including whose stories you watch (and how often you keep watching without clicking through to someone else’s) who’s content you reshare, whose videos you watch and even who you’re tagged in photos with or DM. So, be sure to consider your overall online behavior when trying to trick…errr, we mean, personalize, the algorithm!

Turn on post notifications 

Another easy way to make sure you see the content you care about on Instagram is by turning on post notifications! That way, you’ll be alerted every time they make a new post. Not only will this ensure you don’t miss it, it’s also a great way to train the algorithm to show you more of the content you love. You can do this by going to the account, clicking the ‘following’ button, selecting ‘notifications’ and turning it on for posts, stories and even IGTV.

How to turn on Instagram Post Notifications
How to turn on Instagram Post Notifications

Declutter your list

You know those people in your ‘most shown in feed’ list that make you roll your eyes? That’s a pretty good sign that you don’t want their content showing up on your Instagram! The good news is, you don’t even necessarily have to offend anyone or burn any bridges to do so! If you click on the button that says ‘following’ on your profile, you can select ‘mute’ to prevent their posts and stories showing on your feed, without having to unfollow them. Ahh, isn’t that much better?

how to mute people on Instagram without unfollowing them
how to mute people on Instagram without unfollowing them

There now you have my tips on how to personalize the Instagram feed to show you content you care about.  I have a full on course on how to use Instagram effectively to build influence and grow your following without the anxiety, heartache and being glued to your phone 24×7. If you are interested, you must check out the FREE version of the course first and then if you like to get the more meatier stuff, then you can go for the paid version later. Here is the link to my Instagram Influence Mastery FREE course.

And for folks who want to go beyond the basics, here is a comprehensive 60+ video course which will transform you from a newbie to a knowbie on Instagram who will attract their tribe and convert them into paying customers in a systematic stress free manner.

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