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A G Speak Digital Marketing Talk Show Episode 10 How to show your ads to specific Facebook Group members

How to target specific Facebook group members with your Facebook Ads?

How to target your ads to members of specific Facebook Groups?

Ever wanted to show your ads to members of specific Facebook Groups who are your ideal target audience? Ever wanted to target your ads to followers of specific Facebook Pages or Instagram profiles, where you know for sure your target audience hangs out? And while we are on the topic of Facebook Groups, if you want to learn how to grow members to your own Facebook Group, you MUST check out this post. It lists 50+ tried and tested tips from the best in class marketers out there on how to boost your FB Groups.

Problem: Those pages and groups are not available inside Facebook Ads Manager targeting options.

And you could not find them in the interests section of Facebook Ads Manage, when you searched for them there. What can you do?

This post was inspired by one of my clients who asked me one day, “Anjuli, can I show my ads to followers of these specific pages?” I set about to solve for this as Facebook Ads expert. I went inside the Facebook Ads Manager and started typing the page names inside the interests section of the Ads Manager Targeting options. But Facebook did not show up any results for the pages she wanted me to target.

She also told me that she wanted to target members of specific Facebook Groups, where she was sure to find her prospects.

Now a hacky way to solve for that would be to identify the Facebook Ids of these group members and create custom or lookalike audiences from those FB Ids list. It would be a black hat and arduous way to do it. Super time consuming and manual process.

Solution: Introducing Lead Enforce

Well, there is way to build custom and lookalike audiences based on your choice of Facebook Groups, Pages or Instagram Profiles. It’s an expert secret tool!  I show you how to use it to build target audiences based off of specific Facebook Groups, Pages and Instagram profiles.

My search took me to this tool called Lead Enforce. It promised to solve for all my problems.

I signed up immediately for a trial run to test the tool. And it worked like a charm! So here I share with you how to use this tool.

How to find which groups and pages are suitable for your business?

Well you need to use Audience Insights tool from Facebook to find out high affinity pages linked to your business page. It tells you that people who follow the high affinity score pages are likely to be similar to your target audience and those who follow your business pages. In this video I show you how to use the Facebook Audience Insights to find out which pages to target.

How to use the tool to build your custom audiences and lookalike audience based on specific Facebook Groups and Pages?

I show you how to use the Lead Enforce tool using a live actual case study. This is practical stuff you don’t want to miss! You can give it a listen on the go via my audio podcast. You can find it on Podbean and Apple Podcast.

Or if you want to watch a full video tutorial, you can visit my YouTube Channel or Video Podcast Episode 10 on AG Speak Digital Marketing Talk Show.

How to build landing pages with content download gates?

You created that freebie and you want to use it to collect leads or maybe followers for your Facebook Pages or Instagram account. The usual way of getting more followers to like your page is to offer them a discount or run a contest. You know about them already and have probably participated in one of those Instagram ‘Follow us’ or ‘Tag a friend’ to win contests.

Well, there is another smart way to build your audience by setting up gated landing page using the ‘download gate’ feature of this tool. I show you how to use it and set up a landing page which unlocks the freebie or lead magnet only when a user completes the steps put in place. Only word of caution is that you should not make it mandatory. Keep it optional and make it friction free!

Watch this video to learn how with a live example.

If you want to watch it on YouTube you can do so here. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! I share loads of  tips and tricks and useful information related to digital marketing to help your business get more leads and customers.

If you are on the go, walking or driving, you can give it a listen on my audio podcast. Available on Apple Podcast and Podbean as well.

  • Disclaimer

Please note that I do not have any commercial affiliation with Lead Enforce. I just created this tool without any commercial interests purely to help you. The tool worked when I used it and created this video. However, things change quickly in the digital marketing world. So please validate this tool’s usage at your end and do the due diligence before investing your time or money in this tool.  For any questions related to the tool, please reach out to the creators of the tool directly. Read More

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