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Our Happy Clients and What they say about us

We at Radnik got a fantastic feedback from all our employees who attended the merchandising training workshop, conducted by Anjuli. In fact, from the very beginning when we reviewed the structure and contents of Anjuli’s materials and proposed sessions, we were quite impressed and instantly knew that this is coming from an industry insider. I attended one of her sessions personally and found it absolutely relevant and fruitful. I am aware that merchant teams at Radnik have benefitted significantly from these sessions. We have also recommended her to other manufacturers and associations like OGTC.
Nikunj Kapur, Radnik Exports, New Delhi

Anjali is fun, hardworking and she understands the client’s needs. She is a problem solver. She is very well versed in digital platforms and is able to take over her clients’ current forms of communication turning it into a more reachable and efficient avenue for their customers or following.  I recommend Anjuli for any digital services she has to offer as I have seen her work and she does it all with a smile on her face.

Anjuli’s training modules covered the fundamentals of merchandising and it was extremely beneficial for her to support these with specific examples from first -hand experience. My merchandisers were also very complementary of the open and interactive nature of the course. We plan to conduct further training session for our other teams and locations.
Nikhil Hirdaramani , Hirdaramani Industries, Colombo

Social media can be daunting for the uninitiated! Thanks to Anjuli, I was able to navigate it better. Her passion for what she does, clarity when it comes to long-term planning and strategy are what makes her successful as a digital media professional. She is also very intuitive when it comes to technological applications, which helps her stay ahead of the curve. Anjuli, thanks for getting me started! It was wonderful to work with you, and wish you all the success as you continue to cross the frontiers of the digital world that you are so familiar with!

Ashwini Devare, Ashwini Devare Author of Lost at 15 Found at 50
Anjuli’s workshop was very well received by our merchandising team. She successfully drove home learning points about methodical prioritization of work and team work via practical exercises. Our director herself attended one session and was very impressed by Anjuli’s work and methodology. In fact, she recommended to conduct similar exercises for the rest of our staff as well. We look forward to a long term relationship with Anjuli
Rajat Sikka , Saivana Exports, New Delhi


Why Choose Us?

Customized Consulting

We design intervention that fits your specific business needs.

Need based Intervention Design

We spend time to first understand your business needs. Our strategic interventions are designed customized to fit your specific needs. What’s more we hand hold you throughout the execution and course correct along the way to get desired results dynamically and in real time. We are in the long haul with you.

Industry Insider Expertise

From an expert who has done that and been there

Unique Hybrid skill base

Bringing together a unique blend of deep domain expertise in two fields – Apparel/Fashion Industry and Digital and Social Media Marketing. You will never run short of practical actionable insights and ideas about what works and what doesn’t! Add to that our vast network in both the fields and the combination can be potent!

Free One Hour Consulting Session

We offer free hour of one on one consulting session and share actionable insights.

Genuine Long-Term Commitment

We are genuinely interested in your success. And we will stick with you through thick and thin. During our first free hour of consulting we will understand from your vision, goals and objectives. We will share with you our insights and what we have learned from our mistakes. We care and together we will make it happen.

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing Knowledge is the best way to increase learning.

Free Resources and Club Membership.

We believe that it’s by sharing knowledge & experiences with fellow professionals that we truly increase the knowledge of an entire industry. We offer you free membership to the 800+ strong community of Fashion and Apparel Professionals on knowledge sharing platform – Smart Merchants Club on LinkedIn. And we welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Before and After Feedback

We are committed to making a genuine difference.

Analysis of Intervention Effectiveness

We are committed to making a genuine difference to your business. For every intervention that we design and execute, we provide a detailed feedback and report to show you the before and after effect. Clear metrics measurement and reporting is how we build transparency.

Ahead of the Curve.

We stay few steps ahead in the game.

Infinite Learning and Innovation

We believe that you need to be an ‘infinite learner’ to stay ahead of the curve. We love to tinker with the new and unknown. Innovation is what keeps us on adrenalin rush. When the world is talking about email marketing, we are building chatbots for conversation commerce for our clients. You will love to learn and innovate along with us.

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