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Digital & Social Media Marketing


Digital Disruption is here to stay.  Companies need to re-invent their people, products, and processes. They need to become frontline obsessed and innovate to stay in the game. Digital is a mindset and organizations can succeed in this new era only if they embrace this mindset and quickly learn the new rules of the game. We are energized by innovation and by the empowerment of people and organizations to be the best versions of themselves. Traditional mindsets won’t cut the ice anymore. Only the Innovators will stay in the game. How can we help?

Businesses are only just coming to ‘grips’ with the digital transformation that is changing the rules of the game each day. Are you ready to play the new game?  Do you get overwhelmed with the ‘oh so many’ channels on social media to manage and maintain?  Do you feel that your Facebook Ads are not performing to the optimum?  Do you wonder how to make it to the top ten listings on the Google Search organically?  Are you stuck with chasing the number of f0llowers or have you moved to the metrics of engagement?  If the content is king, then engagement is queen and the queen rules the house. Says the Facebook Queen Mari Smith.  And we agree.  Here is a list of stuff we have built the muscle to deal with over the past few years, just to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Social Media Strategy Development and Execution
  2. Social Media Content Calendar and Content Curation / Creation
  3. Mail Chimp Email Marketing
  4. Blog Posts and Articles Writing
  5. Facebook Advertising and Management
  6. Webinars
  7. Lead Sourcing
  8. CMS Management
  9. SEO – Plugins
  10. Google Analytics Integration and Reporting
  11. Facebook Pixel Integration and tracking
  12. Influencer marketing
  13. Marketing Automation / API Integration
  14. Messenger Chatbots Creation and Management
  15. Podcasts
  16. Web Development / Design / Copywriting
  17. Video Editing