What Clients Say About Us

Anjuli’s workshop was very well received by our merchandising team. She successfully drove home learning points about methodical prioritization of work and team work via practical exercises. Our director herself attended one session and was very impressed by Anjuli’s work and methodology. In fact, she recommended to conduct similar exercises for the rest of our staff as well. We look forward to a long term relationship with Anjuli
Rajat Sikka , Saivana Exports, New Delhi
We at Radnik got a fantastic feedback from all our employees who attended the merchandising training workshop, conducted by Anjuli. In fact, from the very beginning when we reviewed the structure and contents of Anjuli’s materials and proposed sessions, we were quite impressed and instantly knew that this is coming from an industry insider. I attended one of her sessions personally and found it absolutely relevant and fruitful. I am aware that merchant teams at Radnik have benefitted significantly from these sessions. We have also recommended her to other manufacturers and associations like OGTC.
Nikunj Kapur, Radnik Exports, New Delhi
Anjuli’s training modules covered the fundamentals of merchandising and it was extremely beneficial for her to support these with specific examples from first -hand experience. My merchandisers were also very complementary of the open and interactive nature of the course. We plan to conduct further training session for our other teams and locations.
Nikhil Hirdaramani , Hirdaramani Industries, Colombo

What Workshop Participants Say About Us

“Your way of execution, raw material & presentation skills, your thorough knowledge of the field makes everybody comfortable. It’s really useful as it can make us more capable, can increase our efficiency level by time management & practical examples / research / suggestions driven by you & further would like to add that we can work smartly & efficiently. We really required these sessions to refresh our knowledge & experience & to break the monotony of regular things”
Pankaj Batra, Senior Merchandiser, Texport Industries
“In our day to day lives we get very little time to think about what is actually important to be thought for. But thanks to Anjuli, for awakening us to think about the actual game plan that should be followed up. It will help us to achieve goals faster in a happier manner and reduce stress at the end. It is very motivating to attend your workshops as we can relate to it in every step. Keep it up Anjuli!
Divya, Merchandiser, Radnik, Delhi
“This was excellent even for me. I learned a lot. I would have preferred if the whole merchandising team could attend this session Everybody in the team need this sort of sessions”.
Rosana, Asst Merchandising Manager, Hirdaramani, Colombo
It was the most wonderful session we ever had, and have enjoyed every moment of it. We would like to attend more and more of such sessions. Thanks a lot to Anjuli for making it a successful session.
Dechu Kuttapa, Merchandising Manager, Everblue Denim, Raymond
“The modules were really interesting and meaningful in terms of the way it was delivered and presented. It will change our styles of thinking and working ways”.
Ashley Samarpalli, Account Manager, Hirdaramani Industries, Colombo
Excellent Training Session. Actually Anjuli succeeded to achieve and cover all the related areas of merchandising greatly.
K P A Perera, Merchandiser, Hirdaramani, Colombo