Merchandising as Centre of Excellence (CoE)

If we study some of the best companies of the world, it is easy to discern that they are successful because they have very strong SOPs put in place, and are not so heavily people dependent. It is not like if one merchant is on leave, the entire account’s work goes haywire ! We are talking about a huge paradigm shift here. The merchandising community must rise up and elevate themselves to the new paradigm. The futuristic view of the role of merchandiser must undergo the following paradigm shift – From that of a ‘victim’ to that of a ‘mentor’ From that of a ‘mere merchant’ to that of a ‘project manager’ or ‘project owner’ From ‘people’ orientation to ‘process’ orientation From ‘swatch card’ to ‘job card’ From ‘coordinator’ to ‘customer relationship manager’ From ‘crisis manager’ to an ‘internal consultant, expert, Centre of Excellence’

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