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Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

If you are a fresher to the apparel and fashion world, and are looking to turn to an industry insider with deep expertise, all the tips and tricks, knowledge and contacts to help you navigate your foray in the complex and challenging apparel and fashion industry, we are there to help you. We offer personalised apparel and fashion coaching and will hand hold you through all the processes and phases of your journey.

If you have tried your hand at delivering on a great product idea, and burnt your hands along the way, may be the supplier you contacted disappeared, or delivered x when you asked for y, or the quality of the product they delivered was not as you expected, we understand your pain. Don’t give up yet. We would love to help you and guide you with our industry exposure and practical tips and tricks to avoid such mishaps.

If you believe in ethical and responsible fashion and are looking for a genuine supplier who can produce authentic ‘guilt free’ clothing, we can help you to connect with the right resources. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay us until the project actually is a success for you.