About Anjuli 

Who Am I?

I am a digital marketer passionate about helping Small Business Owners, SMEs, Solopreneurs, and Startups with ‘out of the box’ ideas to acquire new customers and retain existing ones!

How I started out?

I started on this journey in 2015. It was a dark period in my life. I lost my job as a consultant at a fashion industry training center in Singapore. I broke my metatarsal and was confined to cast, crutches, and a wheelchair for 8 months.

I could not come to terms with why I was asked to leave, especially when I had shown immense commitment and drive to perform, going to work with crutches, cast, and wheelchair. An open-loop was seeking a resolution. It was deeply painful. I needed validation and approval that it was not my fault. I needed to prove my worth to this world.

“Khudi Ko kar Buland Itna, ke har taqdir se pehle, Khuda bande se Khud Pooche, bata teri raza kya hai” Mohamad Iqbal. (Raise yourself to the level that God himself comes to grant you your wish)

This Urdu Shayari (couplet) kept reverberating in my head. I decided to set aside negative emotions and focus on a positive goal of re-designing my old training and consulting practice website. I set about looking for web developers to help me with the task. I got several quotations. The biggest hurdle was that, while they were good tech people, I did not get great inputs on brand presence, design, look and feel, copy, etc. I wanted a whole solution that would cover strategic elements, not just provide technical input.

My husband recommended me to Debashish Purul and we got talking. Among all the web designers and developers, I spoke to, he stood out to me. He did not try to sell me anything. He simply spent time understanding my needs and expectations and then coached me. He said, “you probably cannot afford me at this point, but if you are willing to put in the effort, you can learn to build your own website. I will guide you on how to. And yes, you don’t need to know how to code.”

That set me on a journey to learn all about building websites and got me deeply interested in all things digital. I started volunteering for Girls in Tech and contributed this article on How I Built my first website WordPress Website Without Any Coding – as my contribution to the community. Yes, the pudding is in the proof. My own website is my own creation from end to end. A self-testimonial!

The Rise and Rise of An Expert

When I decide to jump into something, I go ALL IN. I enrolled for comprehensive certifications in Digital Marketing – Facebook Blueprint, Google Ads, HubSpot Inbound, Wharton University Online Marketing, and Branding Certification. But no amount of certifications can make you an expert. It is the practice and application of those skills to the real world that puts you on a path to become one.

My Background in the Fashion Industry got me my first few opportunities to apply my newly acquired digital marketing skills.  I got the opportunity to curate a Fashion Tech Conference event – the first of its kind event for Bangladesh as a country. I got to apply my hybrid skill set of fashion industry domain expertise and my digital marketing skills while working on this project.

Fortune favors the bold. Soon, I landed opportunities to help small businesses generate leads and grow their business. I worked with a Published Book Author, a Beauty Brand, a Makeup Consultant, a Real Estate Consultant, a Restaurant, and a Boutique Events Curation Company.

A Taste of Success Through Innovation

Some of my most spectacular results in lead generation and conversion came through innovative strategies that leveraged the latest technology channels such as Chat Marketing. I got hooked on to the Chatbot and Facebook Messenger Marketing Channel at the 2017 F8 Facebook Developer Conference when Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the ordering of 1-800-Flowers via Messenger Chat. Since then I am deeply involved in the chat and messaging as a channel to connect with customers and leads in a more intimate 1:1 fashion, generating 10x leads and conversations between clients and their customers. I am now an agency partner of ManyChat – the biggest Chat Marketing software company.

Success Story 1: A Make-Up Consultant Client for whom we generated 500+ leads within a month during the Covid19 period using Chat Marketing and Zoom Webinar as tools in our strategy.

Success Story 2: I recently did a website re-design and SEO on-page optimization project for a boutique events company and within a few days of project completion, the website is ranking on Google Page 1 and Position 1 for the keywords we optimized.

I would love to replicate this success for you and help you leverage the power of Digital Marketing to grow your business!

How Can You Engage with Me?

There are many ways of engaging with me!

  • You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I share lots of useful tips, tricks, and ‘how-to videos’ on several topics related to digital marketing for small business owners.  Here is the link. 
  • If you are on the move and cannot watch a video, you can listen to my podcast A G Speak Digital Marketing Talk Show on Podbean or Apple Podcast. Here is the link to subscribe to my podcast.
  • You can join our Facebook Group Community SSSSH (Small Biz Owners, Social Media Secret Success Hacks). Here you can network and learn from a bunch of entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. It is a shared platform for like-minded folks for idea sharing and community learning. Strictly non-promotional.
  • You can check out AG Speak Section on this website where I write blog posts on various topics related to digital marketing. There are several FREE resources for you to download. In fact, I created a Link Tree kind of page to make it easy for you to access all useful Freebies. 
  • If you would like to book a ‘no obligation’ free 30-minute consulting call with me you can schedule it on my Facebook Page Here. 
  • I am currently working on building an online course on Instagram Influence Mastery 2020 and beyond.  You can access and preview the course here. It is a work in progress and still in the beta version.  If this is of interest to you, make sure to preview the course and I will notify you when the paid course is released.
  • You can follow me on my social media channels below and reach out to me easily. 👇👇

Digital and Social Media Prowess

Previous Avatar

I have been involved in designing, developing, and conducting ‘on the job’ skills training and coaching workshops for apparel manufacturing and sourcing organizations since 2008. I bring the ‘industry insider’ perspective to the training interventions I create and deliver, thus making the experience more relevant and effective for my clients and trainees. I conducted workshops for companies like Texport Garments, Raymond Ever Blue Denim, Golden Seam Textiles, L M Sagar Exports in Bangalore, Hirdramani Industries in Colombo, Radnik Exports, Orient Fashions, Saivana Exports, Genus Apparel in Delhi, for international brands’ buying and sourcing offices like J C Penney Purchasing Corporation and Dollar General Liaison office in Delhi and for non-profit organizations like OGTC (Okhla Garment and Textile Cluster) in Delhi.

I was invited as a speaker to deliver sessions on ‘Skills Up-gradation for apparel merchandisers’ at International Conference for Apparel and Home Textiles (ICAHT) held at IHC, New Delhi, which was well received.

I worked as a trainer and consultant for Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre in Singapore where I revamped their training contents on Global Sourcing, Production Tracking using Critical Path Method, Team Work in Workplace modules. I was also involved in developing training and assessment on Apparel Costing for senior executives at Li and Fung.

Prior to my journey as a trainer/facilitator, I gained a deep understanding of the Global Fashion Industry from my 10+ years of a corporate stint with Industry leaders like Li and Fung, Tommy Hilfiger India, J C Penney Purchasing Corporation, TCNS, and Pearl Global.


I topped Delhi University in MA History from St. Stephens College, Delhi University. I was among the toppers in Delhi University for BA History Honors in Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.
My passion of learning and sharing knowledge to develop others led me to contribute several articles which are published in several industry specific web portals, magazines such as Fiber2Fashion.comOnline Clothing Study.com. I started a knowledge sharing platform using LinkedIn called Smart Merchants Club , which is now a 700+ members strong community for shared learning for industry professionals from all across the world.

I volunteer for Girls in Tech, Singapore by sharing stories to inspire women to join STEM careers. Check this link for my latest article contribution. I successfully dabbled in engaging kids in the age group of 5-13 years old in ‘hands-on’ / DIY STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths workshops which focused on kids making/building real-life projects, through my venture Kynkr. www.facebook.com/kynkr.


  • Digital Media Marketing – Foucsed on helping SMEs use new-age digital marketing strategy and tools to effectively increase their reach, engagement, and conversion amongst their target audience.

  • Consulting – Helped Garment Exporters and Sourcing offices improve employee productivity and instill the lean mindset. Currently focused on helping SMEs to effectively use new-age digital marketing strategy and tools to achieve their business objectives.

  • People Development –design, develop and deliver relevant ‘on the job’ skills training workshops, coaching and measure performance holistically.
  • Operational Excellence in managing and delivering on time in a multi-style environment by innovating on supply chain processes through application of project management concepts including critical path, risk management and lean principles.
  • Customer Service Focus in collaborating across multiple stake holders in global supply chain
  • Product Categories – Apparel – men’s / women’s / children’s, Home -soft lines and hard lines, Leather- apparel and accessories, tertiary products – fabrics and trims
  • Geographies – India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Pakistan, Hong Kong (Supply side), US, Canada, Europe, Japan (Buy Side)