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Hi, I am Anjuli. I am an Instagram Expert and Coach. I can help you to 10x your followers on Instagram, build an engaged community, attract leads, and convert them into paying customers. Helping you achieve your goals on Instagram is the ultimate joy for me!

I moved from being a generalist digital marketing agency into focusing specifically on Instagram because that’s what you wanted from me. I listened to you.

You see, back in 2019, when I was trying to build my agency business, I had created a Facebook Group to build a community, a safe space for people like you: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, creators, freelancers to share their challenges and learn from each other and support each other.

Since I was the main moderator, I would initiate discussions around several topics. I got the maximum engagement and questions whenever the topic of Instagram and how to grow Instagram account was brought up.

It was clear to me that this is where my tribe wanted me to serve them.

I decided to take a deep dive into the world of Instagram.

For a long time, I created useful content and posted consistently, but hardly anyone noticed it, engaged with, or liked it.

I got desperate and tried all the ‘hacks’ out there, watched countless YouTube Videos, wasted many hours on information from online gurus.

I tried ‘follow / unfollow’ method. I joined Instagram growth ‘pods’ etc. I entertained the idea of ‘bot’ services that promised quick follower growth for money. Heck I even got ‘banned’ twice by Instagram because my activities were deemed ‘suspicious’ by Instagram algorithms that track all ‘spammy’ and ‘bot’ activities.

I would post every day like my life depended on it and then would keep checking my phone to see how many likes or comments I got.

I got nothing in return and ended up building a ghost following of folks who didn’t care about me and who didn’t mean a thing to me. I started to feel ‘deflated’ and began to lose interest in Instagram.

Until recently.

When I started to observe the system that those I idolized as successful Instagrammers were following. After months of pouring into studying them, I finally cracked the code to their success and came up with my own 6 Cs to Success Framework to help you achieve the same level of success on Instagram. 

Within a few months of learning, experimenting, and applying the 6 Cs framework, I saw a remarkable difference in my own account growth and above all my ‘mental well-being’.

Now I was doing Instagram without

  • constantly checking how many people have liked or followed me.
  • getting overwhelmed about ‘what content to post’ or feeling anxious about creating daily posts.


I felt inspired to share my best with the world. My only competition- my last content post. I wanted to do better each time I created a post and make it better than my last post.

There is a certain joy in raising the bar for yourself each time.

There is a joy when you make actual connections with real people out there on Instagram who are doing such wonderful and amazing work.

It feels great to be on the other side of the table – of being an active creator and not a passive consumer of other’s content.

I flipped my C2C ratio… yes Consume to Create ratio. and now I was creating more and consuming less.

I decided to share my knowledge and skills with my tribe. I invited the people from my Facebook Group to join me for weekly sessions where I would teach them how to use Instagram effectively. Five people agreed to test me out. These were smart business owners, corporate 9-5ers turned bloggers, young marketing graduates.

Each week for 13 consecutive Sundays, we went on a collective learning journey. I would pour myself into learning what it takes to be successful on Instagram and I would share on one topic at a time in the one-hour Sunday session each week.

And the results started to show up not just for me as we applied our learnings to practical world of Instagram, but also for my initial students!

That’s how I ended up creating my first online course on Instagram Influence Mastery 2022 and beyond.

So far, more than 800 people have benefitted from my foundations course. Some of them were kind enough to share their feedback with me.


What my Students Say

I was encouraged to help more and more people through my effort. I decided to launch my course on Udemy which is the biggest marketplace for e-learning. Today, more than 110+ students have enrolled in the course on Udemy from 27 countries speaking 7 global languages! I am super pumped to have touched the lives of so many people across the world from my bedroom!

I would love to invite you into my world and share with you all that I know to help you achieve your goals with Instagram!

Akanksha Pundir
Can't recommend it strongly enough!
I can't recommend Instagram Masterclass with Anjuli Strong enough for any emerging or established, personal or professional brand. The content, the ease of acess and the pace of the tutorials could't be more perfect. Every session has left me wanting to learn more, experiment more and recea more benefits.
Akanksha Pundir | Director ofInnovation at Crea Worldwide and Founder Grass On the Hill
Loving the course!
@anjuligo, joving the course and all the efforts you have put in for the worksheets and examples!! I would recommend it to all newbies and even those who want to course correct !!
Ripy Gauba | Lifestyle and Mindset Blogger
Ripy Gauba
Brian Sather
Incredibly deep understanding!
Working with Anjuli was an incredible experience for the entire team at Blascksmith Internation. She has an incredibly deep understanding and knowledge of the industry, but more importantly, she knows how to convey what she knows to others.
BrianSanther | CEO Blacksmith Internation

I am offering help at three levels:

  1. Foundations Course for just $1
  2. Instagram Influence Mastery on Udemy (Available at special promo price of $19.98 currently)
  3. Instagram Transformation Program for 3 months with coaching ($300 per person per month)

See where you are at in your journey, and which offer makes the most sense for you!  

Digital and Social Media Prowess

Qualifications - Education

There is more to my life prior to 2019!

I topped Delhi University in MA History from St. Stephens College, Delhi University. I was among the toppers in Delhi University for BA History Honors in Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi.

How I started on the digital marketing track?

I have been involved in designing, developing, and conducting ‘on the job’ skills training and coaching workshops for apparel manufacturing and sourcing organizations since 2008. I bring the ‘industry insider’ perspective to the training interventions I create and deliver, thus making the experience more relevant and effective for my clients and trainees. I conducted workshops for companies like Texport Garments, Raymond Ever Blue Denim, Golden Seam Textiles, L M Sagar Exports in Bangalore, Hirdramani Industries in Colombo, Radnik Exports, Orient Fashions, Saivana Exports, Genus Apparel in Delhi, for international brands’ buying and sourcing offices like J C Penney Purchasing Corporation and Dollar General Liaison office in Delhi and for non-profit organizations like OGTC (Okhla Garment and Textile Cluster) in Delhi.

What I achieved in my corporate 9-5 life in the Fashion Industry?

I was invited as a speaker to deliver sessions on ‘Skills Up-gradation for apparel merchandisers’ at International Conference for Apparel and Home Textiles (ICAHT) held at IHC, New Delhi, which was well received.

I worked as a trainer and consultant for Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre in Singapore where I revamped their training contents on Global Sourcing, Production Tracking using Critical Path Method, Team Work in Workplace modules. I was also involved in developing training and assessment on Apparel Costing for senior executives at Li and Fung.

Prior to my journey as a trainer/facilitator, I gained a deep understanding of the Global Fashion Industry from my 10+ years of a corporate stint with Industry leaders like Li and Fung, Tommy Hilfiger India, J C Penney Purchasing Corporation, TCNS, and Pearl Global.

Past Work Portfolio

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