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Free Video Editing Tools for Mobile in 2022

Top 5 Free Video Editing Tools for Mobile in 2022

With an increase in smartphone sales, global mobile data traffic is transforming the digital landscape. The wide availability of smart devices makes capturing video content and sharing it on social media simple and easier. It provides the perfect opportunity for people using smartphones to become an online sensation and create a career online.

That is to say, the barriers to entry are so low that amateurs who don’t have any prior experience with video creation are seeing this as an opportunity. Although they might not have the skills or even access to the necessary premium video editing tools, there are free video editing tools that give the effect of the social media-worthy polish. But you should never undervalue the power of these video editing tools. They are not only for appending filters and stickers, but these also come with features that one would expect to find in a pro tool.

Do you want to upload videos to your existing website? Or start a video blog from your phone? There are plenty of great apps to do this process easily and efficiently. Because different mobile devices offer different features, you’ll want to try a few different apps before deciding which is the best one for you.

Here are five of the best free video editing tools for mobile devices so you can get started with video content creation!


inshot Video editing app

Interested in better-looking videos? Inshot is a super easy-to-use video editing tool. It takes a minimalist approach to video content creation. So, it’s ideal for users who want to get straight to editing without fiddling with a whole lot of settings. It allows you to quickly splice together and trim clips, save edits and export your finished video as an MP4. The simple interface makes adding clips easy, with options for joining videos at specific points, trimming footage, and adding filters to create interesting visual effects. It’s perfect for vloggers who want to easily grab bite-sized clips of themselves talking. And all edits are made on your phone.


Magisto - video editing app

Magisto is a new video editing app that makes it easy to create great-looking videos. The app can automatically select relevant photos and music from your device to create professional-looking movies. Magisto’s best features: it’s free and easy to use!  There are a number of different video styles, and users can upload their own photos and music to enhance their creations. The app is available on both Android and iOS. Magisto includes a free option as well as a pro-option that features more templates. Users can upgrade at any time.


Clips - video editing app

Want to make your final cut shine? Clips is the right choice for easy video content creation! Clips stitches your clips together, making it easy to edit down a video that’s captured on your phone. The timeline feature allows you to add text, visual effects, and even music. You can create a title with a click of a button using the Live Title feature. It automatically adds captions along with colors and background images as you speak. What makes Clips special is its ability to turn speech into text.

Filmora Go

Filmora Go - video editing app

Filmora Go is for individuals looking for easy video content creation. You can shoot, edit and upload your video all in one place. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. That means you can create an Instagram story on your phone or capture videos with a phone and edit it later using a tablet. It’s entirely free, without any watermark or paid subscriptions. Perfect for Instagram, but also creates audience-ready videos that you can share online.


Boosted - video editing app

Boosted is one of the best free video tools with plenty of templates and easy-to-use video filters. This free tool makes it quick and easy to create social media posts, short video ads, or videos that you can share on social media channels.

Looking to make and share videos on your mobile device but don’t want to fork over $100 a year or more? These free video editing apps can do everything in a pinch. Get started now and create your own custom videos in minutes!

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