Surveys are a quick way of asking your target audience the questions to which you seek answers for your business. Whether you want to launch a new product and ask your audience about their preferences or tastes before launch, or if you want to gather feedback on a workshop you recently conducted, Surveys are your best bet for getting authentic and valuable inputs from your users.

The more you pay heed to user’s feedback, the better job you will do of meeting their needs.  You will better serve your customers and build better relationships.

Information is power, when it comes to determining your audience interests, likes, dislikes, preferences. Embedding surveys on your website gives you an easy way to collect responses and analyze them later for deriving insights for key decisions related to your business.

I am sharing with you a Blog Post by Hubspot, in which they share inputs about the top WordPress plugins to embed surveys on your website, listed below.

  1. Survey Anyplace
  2. HotJar
  3. Opinion Stage
  4. GetSiteControl
  5. Typeform
  6. TotalPoll
  7. Modal Survey
  8. Quiz and Survey Master
  9. Gravity Forms
  10. WPForms
  11. Google Forms
  12. Responsive Poll
  13. WP-Polls
  14. YOP Poll

I hope you like this post and find it useful for your business. Here is the link to read the full post. I found it pretty useful and thought of bringing to you folks, my tribe to learn about the cool tools available out there to help you boost your business. So what are you waiting for? Go ask those crucial questions from your target audience, create cool surveys, right away using these cools tools listed.