The ‘Wise Tag’

I am sitting on my work station in our very charming pristine white Tommy Hilfiger office, with white walls, white cabinets and white work desks.  My boss sits facing me, and the only thing that prevents us from each other’s view is the cubicle wall in between. I can hear him though. So here goes the conversation.

My Boss, “Yes, Majeeb this side.’

Caller speaks. I cannot hear that part.

My boss, “We don’t put any ‘wise tags’ on our denims, Anjum. What are you talking about? “

I am wondering. May be Tommy should consider developing a new product and selling it as ‘Wise Denims’.  Sounds like a wise marketing idea. We could probably claim the wisdom of the jeans lay in their fabrics properties.  Wrinkle free, stain resistant, comfort stretch, nano tech etc. There are so many jargons in the market these days.

My boss, “Which tag’s placement do you need, Anjum.  There is only a paper tag which goes at the back pocket.  There is certainly no wise tag. Stop wasting my time. I have other important work to do. “

Caller speaks.

Now I am getting a bit more interested. So I get up from my desk and move to his. I gesture to him to ask him what was going on. My boss in his typical style, puts his index finger on his head trying to tell me that the fellow on the phone is probably gone nuts.  I smile.  The exasperation in his voice changes to his trademark humor.

My Boss, “Anjum, my dear, we are not so wise enough as yet to be making ‘wise denims’ at TH. May be it would help if you could spell out to me what tag you are asking about. “

Caller speaks.

My Boss, “Oh! The WAIST Tag you mean.  That’s the size tag, Anjum. It goes at the back waistband above the pocket and in between the belt loops. “

I finally figure out. It was our supplier’s merchandiser from Bangladesh, who was pronouncing the waist tag as the wise tag.

May be we will soon have authentic ‘Wise Denims’ from TH in the market.