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100 Content Ideas for social media for Your beauty and makeup business

I have been serving clients in the makeup and Beauty space such as MUAs and Beauty Bloggers. They all struggle with coming up with new content ideas for serving their target audience and attracting their tribe to their business service or products. I decided to put together 100+ content ideas so you never have to worry about coming up with new ideas to create and curate content to add value to your precious target audience.

Before we dive into the ideas, I want you to understand why content is key to your business success. Gone are the days of push marketing where you could broadcast your product or service to people and expect them to buy from you. There are too many businesses vying for the attention of customers. It is vital in this digital age to attract your target audience to you, by providing them valuable and useful information.  It is through this value-added information sharing that you can build the KLT factor with your target audience. If you are wondering what’s the KLT factor? It is the Know, Like and Trust factor. Before you can ask your target audience to buy from you, it is imperative that you get them to know you, like you and trust you.

A careful nurturing is required to attract the right tribe to your brand product or service and then keep them engaged with you to develop a relationship based on liking and trust. It is only after you have succeeded in doing that, that you can expect sales conversion to happen.

Without further ado, let me list the various ways that you can create content on topics that can add value to your target audience if you operate in the makeup and beauty space.

  1. Makeup Tips and guidelines for Acne-Prone Skin.
  2. Top Ten Tips for dressing up and makeup for an interview.
  3. How to do the right makeup for an oval face?
  4. How to do the right makeup for an angular face?
  5. How to do the right makeup for an all-black outfit?
  6. How to do the right makeup for an Asian skin tone?
  7. Makeup Tips for combination skin
  8. Makeup Tips for Dry skin
  9. The right makeup for close-set eyes.
  10. How to do the concealer right for dark circles?
  11. How to do the right makeup for dark skin tone?
  12. Makeup tips and guidelines for eczema skin
  13. How to do the makeup for a face with freckles?
  14. Makeup Tips for a graduation day or Prom night
  15. The right makeup products for hot and humid weather
  16. Makeup Ideas for Halloween
  17. How to do makeup for Kathak Dance?
  18. How to do makeup for a photoshoot?
  19. Makeup for ladies over 70 years
  20. Makeup tips for 50+ and 60+ women
  21. Makeup for a nude dress
  22. Makeup for a navy dress
  23. Makeup for a green dress
  24. Makeup for orange dress
  25. Makeup Dos and Don’ts during pregnancy
  26. How to hide acne scars with makeup?
  27. The right makeup for Red Heads
  28. Makeup tips for people suffering from rosacea
  29. Makeup for a square face
  30. Makeup for Teenagers
  31. Makeup for Tweens
  32. Makeup for the Beach or Pool Party
  33. Makeup for very dark skin tones
  34. Makeup gift ideas for Christmas
  35. What’s the right makeup for your eye shape?
  36. Makeup for zodiac signs
  37. Makeup suitable for a yellow prom dress
  38. Makeup for a zombie bride
  39. How to make your eyes look bigger by makeup?
  40. Makeup without primer and foundation
  41. A beginner’s guide to basic makeup
  42. Makeup for a date night out
  43. Makeup for a Dinner
  44. Tips to do makeup for people with dehydrated, dry skin
  45. Makeup for eyebrows
  46. Smokey Eye Makeup Tips
  47. Makeup for a gold dress
  48. The right makeup for a corporate headshot
  49. Makeup for Indian Brides
  50. How to cover the keloid scars with makeup?
  51. Makeup for keratosis pilaris skin condition
  52. The right makeup for skin with large pores
  53. Makeup for light and fair skin tone
  54. Makeup for a natural unmade up look
  55. Makeup for oily skin
  56. Makeup for an outdoors photoshoot
  57. Makeup for a concert on stage
  58. How to do the right makeup for an uneven skin tone
  59. Makeup to hide wrinkles
  60. How to clean your makeup brushes?
  61. How to use the various makeup brushes?
  62. All you want to know about airbrush makeup
  63. What Makeup products to buy in Japan?
  64. What Makeup to buy in Hong Kong?
  65. How to make eyes look even bigger via makeup?
  66. Makeup for a funeral
  67. Makeup for a rose gold sequin dress
  68. Makeup for platinum blondes with blue eyes
  69. Makeup for platinum blondes with brown eyes
  70. Makeup for brunettes with blue eyes
  71. Makeup for brunettes with hazel eyes
  72. Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes
  73. Makeup for blonde hair and pale skin
  74. How to do makeup for hooded eyes?
  75. How to remove makeup with eyelash extensions?
  76. How to remove makeup with water?
  77. How to remove makeup with oil?
  78. How to remove makeup without cotton pads?
  79. How to remove makeup naturally?
  80. How to remove makeup stains from clothes?
  81. Makeup products recommended for sensitive skin
  82. Makeup products recommended for acne-prone skin
  83. Best makeup products to buy in Korea
  84. Makeup Tips for a Long narrow face
  85. Eye Makeup for deep-set eyes
  86. Eye makeup for Asian hooded eyes
  87. Eye makeup for monolid or single eyelids
  88. Eye makeup to wear for office and work
  89. Makeup for a party in a saree
  90. Makeup tips for a party in a gown
  91. How to contour your cheekbones?
  92. How to create high cheekbones with makeup?
  93. Makeup contouring for a round face
  94. How to do makeup for an Asian flat face?
  95. Makeup ingredients to avoid when pregnant?
  96. How to check for makeup ingredients before making a purchase?
  97. Top cruelty-free makeup brands
  98. Top makeup products that are organic and chemical-free
  99. Top natural ingredients makeup brands and products
  100. Natural Ingredients Makeup list

Now there you have it. Never feel short of ideas to create useful and meaningful content that your target audience wants to hear from you about. It is by sharing content around stuff that addresses a pain point of your audience that you can attract your tribe, get them to engage with you, like you and finally trust you enough to buy from you.

Go ahead and make use of all these ideas.

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